The death of a loved one is a difficult time for everyone in the family. The last thing you want to do while mourning the loss of a close family member is to deal with their financial affairs. You need the assistance of a caring and compassionate London Probate solicitor to help you through this trying time.

What is a Probate?
When you are named the executor of a person’s Will, you need a ‘Grant of Probate’ which is a legal document which gives you the right to handle their legal affairs after they pass away. This document is also required by local authorities and financial institutions while dealing with property. 

Smart Legal’s Probate service will support you through the process and help you deal with all the practical issues that arise when a loved one passes on. 

We are specialists in Probates, Trusts, and Wills
You may never have been involved with an ‘estate’ before and the legal jargon and procedural affairs can seem confusing. But don’t worry, our friendly and approachable team will provide you with the expert advice and assistance that you need. We help you with all the legal, tax, and administrative processes that need to be undertaken when someone passes on. 

Our team at Smart Legal has extensive experience working across a wide range of client issues. No two estates can be dealt with the same way, and many matters that need to be discussed and resolved can be of a sensitive and distressing nature. Our solicitors display the utmost professionalism and courteousness at all times as we help manage the legal affairs of the deceased. 

Reliable Probate help in London 
During this time of mourning, you may find it difficult to think clearly and plan for the future. With us, you have the assurance that you will be dealing directly with a qualified solicitor with experience in Probate. 

We are committed to giving you the peace of mind you deserve, whether there is a Will or not. If your loved one has left a Will, then the process can be more straightforward. But if there is no Will, then the statutory Intestacy Rules come into play. We will advise you on who is entitled to administer the estate and benefit from it. 

Our London Probate solicitors will help you by:

  • being supportive, caring and compassionate at all times,
  • patiently explaining all the confusing legal terms and the process of probate,
  • advising the executor of their duties and potential liabilities,
  • assisting you with administering the estate by taking up either a part of the work or the entire workload, as you prefer,
  • offering a service where the fees can be usually covered from estate itself, so you don’t have to worry about raising additional money for the probate,
  • dealing with inheritance planning in a way that helps future generations

Our London Probate solicitors will visit you at your home at no additional cost. Contact the Smart Legal London Probate team today for a reliable, free initial consultation.